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Who We Are


Manchester Animal Control is a division of the Manchester Police Department. Animal Control is dedicated to serving the community as it relates to both human and animal issues. Animal Control enforces both town ordinances as well as state laws that pertain to animals and their humans. Animal Control is committed to finding each animal in our care permanent and loving homes for each animal that passes a temperament test.


How Laws Become Enforced


Each Animal Control Officer is well versed in animal laws and is able to help educate the public on animal matters. Animal Control is often called about roaming, barking and littering dogs. Our first priority is to inform both the complainant as well as the dog owner of the laws in which are respectably not being followed.




In some cases the public feels that their complaint had not been addressed because they are still seeing a problem with the roaming, barking or littering dog. In these cases it is imperative that Animal Control again be notified of the problem and we may ask you to start documenting what is being seen and at what time. If Animal Control feels that this is necessary it may be further necessary that you meet with an Officer and provide a written statement as to the facts of what is being done. Once Animal Control has been provided with the written facts of what the wrong doing is it will be up to the Officer to determine if there is enough evidence to issue an arrest to the pet owner.

The objective of having a written statement is to be able to provide the court with enough valid information about the “wrong doing” and to provide the complainant with the feeling that they do have the power to make a difference.





Manchester Animal Control advertises adoptable pets on Pet Finder Each animal that comes into our care, whose owner is unknown, is advertised, by law, in the local Journal Inquire newspaper, for one day, in the lost and found section and after the seventh day has passed and no owner has come forward to claim the pet Animal Control determines if that animal would be suitable for adoption.

Animal Control has an obligation to find the best possible home for the pet, provided that the pet is suitable for adoption. This obligation to the pet is in conjunction with what is best for the community.

Temperament testing the pet to see if it is food aggressive, animal aggressive and tolerant of having toys or food taken away from it once it has become comfortable with its surroundings as well as gently tugging on toes, ears, tail and paws along with massaging the pet’s gums does not guarantee that the adoption will be 100 percent successful. Each animal, just as humans, act differently in different surroundings. Each item of the temperament test is done to attempt our absolute best to feel that the animal that is being placed for adoption will be suitable for each individual home.

Any person interested in an adoption may view pets on the Pet Finder web site but must contact Animal Control directly by telephone. It will be necessary to provide past pet history to our office, this will include any past veterinarian name(s) and phone number(s) for our office. This office is very strict about current and past pets being vaccinated against rabies, as required by law. It may be required to notify this office about any children in the home or children that may visit the home often. This is not to be viewed as an invasion of privacy but a suggestion in caution to the children that may be in the home. Again this office does strive to provide that the animal will be best suited for your needs and for your lifestyle.


Rabies Information

Annual Low Cost Rabies Clinic (PDF) 



Each officer is knowledgeable about what kinds of wildlife you may encounter in your Manchester backyard. Animal Control may only advise or direct homeowners of what may be done in the case of nuisance wildlife problems. Animal Control does not respond to nuisance wildlife complaints. However, Animal Control will respond to any sick or injured animal.

In the event that an Animal Control Officer is not available the Police Department will do their best to respond to these kinds of calls. Please be patient as they must also respond to other community emergencies.

Many homeowners do not know just how easy it is to prevent an unwanted animal from living in their yard. In most cases the average homeowner may prevent nuisance wildlife by simply keeping yards clean, garbage cans secured, garage doors closed and window screens in good shape. Any raised structure should be secured to prevent wildlife from residing under the structure. Unused pet houses should be inspected periodically to determine if any animal(s) have taken up residency. The most essential item to be adhered to is pet food should not be left outdoors. If a pet is fed outdoors be sure to remove the food in the evening.


Contact us: (860) 645-5516


24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Please feel free to contact our office by calling and leaving a message for the officer which is on duty.

The different seasons dictate our schedule so please be patient. If our office does not make contact with your concern/comment please assume that the message was not received. It is often necessary to leave a phone number which has voice mail and to call from a land phone.