Manchester, Connecticut

Property / Evidence

Property and Evidence Unit

Property and Evidence Unit Resources:

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the handling, processing, maintenance, storage, and return of all property/evidence in its possession (when applicable). This includes physical evidence of crimes, lost and found property, and property seized with/without search warrants, including prisoner property.

Connecticut State Statutes on Evidence
Handling of all property types complies with applicable Connecticut State statutes, court orders, and internal policies. For information on State statutes, see Sec. 54-36 and 54-36a through 54-36n:

If You've Been To Court
Court orders for return of property are transmitted directly from the court to the Property and Evidence  Unit. This generally takes 10-14 days after adjudication of your case. No property can be released until the orders with the Judge's original signature are received. Once the orders are received, we will send you a letter which explains the procedure for making arrangements to pick up your property.

Have You Lost Something?
Contact the Manchester Police Department at 860-645-5552 to see if your property has been turned in or, if necessary, file a report.

Have You Found Something?
Contact the Manchester Police Department at 860-645-5500 or stop by the department in person to turn it in. Unclaimed found property may be returned to the finder after one year.

Are You Looking For The Bicycle Auction?
The Manchester Police Department no longer holds bicycle auctions. Bicycles and other property eligible for sale are listed on which is an auction-type web site selling items from law enforcement agencies around the country.