Manchester, Connecticut

Victim Services

What Should I Know About My Case?
In all cases you should stay in contact with the Manchester Police Department. Be sure to request from the responding officer the Case Incident number and always refer to it when you call.

In cases where there is no physical evidence and no information about possible suspects, the police may not be able to investigate further. However, any up to date information must be given to the police for a more thorough investigation.

Nationwide, only one out of every five crimes ever result in the arrest of a suspect. Even when an arrest has been made, less than 5% of the cases end up in a trial. You will not need to hire an attorney, and you probably will never have to testify in criminal court.

You do have certain rights as a victim of crime. you may be having problems after the crime has occurred dealing with the reality of the crime. This is very normal. Many people react to a crime in a variety of ways but most everyone finds it helpful to talk with someone else about what happened.

If you just have questions, are having problems, or just need to talk to someone about what happened to you or a family member, please call one of the resources listed on the bottom of this page.
What If They Come Back? What If I Am Threatened?
In family violence and child abuse cases, the offender may try to contact you or return to the home. Any threats that are made to you or your children should be reported to the police immediately and could result in a separate arrest.

Most victims and their families feel unsafe after they have been victimized. By working with helping professionals and the Court, you can take positive actions to safeguard you and your family from further harm.

Remember, whether you need to go to a safe shelter, obtain a Restraining Order, or just learn about the latest crime prevention tips, help is available.

It takes a while, but you will feel safe again. Recovering from a criminal act takes time and patience.
This Has Never Happened To Me Before. Where Do I Begin?
The first and most important step is to call the police. Talking about what happened may be difficult at first, and you may not understand why the officers have to ask so many hard questions. Try your best.

If you have been physically hurt in any way, make sure to get medical attention immediately.
You may even be eligible to have your medical bills paid for from a special compensation fund for victims in Connecticut. Save all your bills and receipts for any expenses you've had because of the crime. Keep them together and you have two years to decide if you want to file for compensation.

Call the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Office of Victims Services at 1-800-822-8428. Ask for a claim form and ask about other services they may have to assist you.

You may be able to get financial assistance through your insurance, welfare, or by requesting restitution from the Court if your assailant is ever arrested. You also have the option to sue civilly anyone who causes you harm. Consult an attorney to discuss your civil court remedies.

Ask the police how to get your property back if it's recovered.

What Are My Rights As A Victim In Connecticut?
Depending on the type of crime committed against you, you have several rights under the law. However, they are subject to some provisions and are not Constitutionally guaranteed. New ones may be added each year or changed in some way. Be sure to ask to speak with a victim advocate who can explain your rights and how to exercise them.
Ask about how you can get information about:

  • The status of the case.
  • The release from custody of the perpetrator.
  • Various court-related rights, including: making a statement concerning your loses, requesting restitution, accepting plea agreements to lesser charges, notification of pretrial accelerated rehabilitation applications, and making a statement to the judge at sentencing.

Where can I get help?

General Numbers
Manchester Police:                                               (860) 645-5500
Office of Victims Services:                                    1-800-822-8428
Victim Advocate, State's Attorney Office:             (860) 566-4787
Specialized Services
Sexual Assault Crisis Service (24 Hours):           (860) 522-6666 
Hartford Interval House (24 Hours):                     (860) 527-0550
Family Violence Victim Advocate:                        (860) 527-0550
Child Abuse/Neglect Hot Line (24 Hours):           (800) 842-2288
CT Department of Children and Families:            (860) 450-2000
Child Guidance Clinic:                                          (860) 643-2101
Child and Family Services:                                   (860) 643-2761